Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Panda Girl

This is what happen when i start, i can't stop.
Christina, my red hair crazy rock friend, has been asking for a Panda girl, and after the golden boy my hands couldn't rest, so i thought what the hell...
here it goes Christina your Panda Girl!!

Peace out there!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Golden Boy

It's been over a month since i have had time to sit down and create some blog material. This graphic Design education is killing me, so tonight i decided to put boring school projekt aside (it is actually not that boring) and draw something WITHOUT thinking about, wich method or theory i am actually using. A illustration without report or a design manual, illustrating simply for the fun of it. So i grab my Wacom pen and i started sketching something, and after three and a half hours of pure fun i am done. I really hope you guys enjoy it, i definitely did. And now i better go to sleep, cause tomorrow i ha to get up early and enjoy my Typography class :DPeace!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

THE Wall

So my friends I am finally done with the bicpen drawings to my wall. It toke sometime cause I have been working on a school project, and that has taken some of my time.
But what matter is that I am done, and the drawings are now hanging, I like the way I all came out, what do you think?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bic pen action again :)

So... yesterday i was at my friends house and they need a big poster for their wall, so i decided to make a owl for them. The thing is i get carried away and made a stag to, an decided that i want to fill my wall with little hand draws. So the owl is going to be big size at Jannie's place and original at mines, by the owls side it will be the stag, and i am planing on having some skulls,  a crow, a tree, a mad hatter maybe a fox. But if you guys have some ideas let me know.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sketching a taste!

While the snow falls outside, i close my eyes and think about my homeland.
 I see a warm winter day, sun is shining and i am siting among good friends, we are having a really good conversation, while we share a good bottle of wine, "Pôpa Doce". 
I am not a wine expert, but this wine is something special, it has been like a month ago since i tasted this "nectar", but i still can recall the amazing taste.This is the first sweet red wine produced in the Douro region, to all of you that are thinking about visiting Portugal, maybe you should start to plan a visit to the magic Douro region and maybe a visit to the place where they created this magic taste. I am going there for sure soon, cause i know that there are other magic nectars to be tasted :)
 For now i will keep my eyes closed, and i will dream of sunshine and great wine.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sketching Bora Bora

Dear friends,
it has been a while since my last blog post, but unfortunately i have been away for some really bad reasons.
 But i don't want to talk about that right now, the thing is, i have been a month in Portugal and while i was there, my good friend Quim asked me to paint a wall on his bar "Bora Bora". It wasn't easy to get some montana, but after a lot of internet searching we ordered some spray-cans and the result was this one, the pics are not the best ones but it is what i have :)
Hope you like it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sketching with a cintiq!

So finally i got a Wacom cintiq 22hd, i have been dreaming about it for six years but now the dream is real. I arrived last friday but i wasn't home, so i had to wait until today to go and get it at the mail office. Believe mr it was a long way from the to my place, a huge box, almost impossible to grab, 
weight 20 kg, and like if that was not enough during the weekend we had a snowstorm, so all the streets are filled with snow making it really difficult to walk around with a cintiq on your arms, but i made it. I used a lot of time to instal it and customize it to the way i think it should work, but this is an all other world and i have to get use to it. But of course i hat to try it and so here is a quick colour version of the sketch i made like a month ago, the skull and the bird.
 Hope you guys are doing well out there!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sketching KarpeDiem

1st December, the snow falls slowly outside, the first snow of this winter, marking the start of another  christmas,what a fantastic day!
 In Portugal is Restoration of Independence's day, so another reason to make this day a special day.
But there is something else... something that makes this 1st of December different from all the others 1st of Decembers that we have know and that we will come to know. 

Today KarpeDiem is coming out with their new album  "Suspenso no Ar". KarpeDiem is a Portuguese rock band, one of the few rock bands that keep, i will not say the old Rock, but the real Rock alive. Rock melodies and poetic texts, that leave us speakers of the "Camões language" suspended in the air. I had the privilege to be a little part of this adventure, when i was asked by them  to illustrate something for the new CD. 
 I made 4 different sketches, and i know they decided to use the "birds", but i don't know how and where, i am waiting anxious for the exemplar they sended to me. 
 But the how and where they used my art is not the point, the point is that i would love to be there today, for their "premiere" concert, and i cant. But from here, from the cold north i send you guys a really warm hug, and the wishes of a fantastic night.
 Please Keep on Rocking! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sketching Fenrir!

A couple of days ago a friend asked me if i could sketch a tattoo design for him. "Of course!" I said, "And what would that be?"
 "A Fenrir." he told me, i have to be honest i had no idea what a Fenrir was, the only Fenrir i knew was Fenrir Greyback, a werwolf character from the Harry Potter series. Well as it is, i was not that far away from the truth, a Fenrir is a Wolf.
From the Norse mithology, Fenrir is a big bad wolf, "the monster of the river Ván",due to the gods' knowledge of prophecies foretelling great trouble from Fenrir and his rapid growth, the gods bound him, and as a result Fenrir bit off the right hand of the god Tyr.

How could i not know about this fantastic creature?? Thanks to my friend Palle i now am a fan of Fenrir, and so i made two sketches of the beast, one more realistic and one more cartoonish, now i just hope that Palle gets one of them as a inked sketch :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sketching with a Bic Pen!

Hey Yo!!
A quick sunday post, to share with you the last sketches i have been up to.
This ones all made on paper and with a Bic Pen, i kind of discovered again the passion of drawing on a paper sheet with a Bic pen :)
 Some of them are just sketches with no story behind them, but the Disney ones where inspired in a Tattoo sketch that i saw on Instagram, from the amazing artist InkZombieTattoo, the sketch was a Mickey Mouse kind of scary sketch, I loved the idea and went for it, with the hope i could get close to his quality. InkZombieTattoo is a better artist, and he gets better with each piece he does, so my hopes to get up to his level is just a fools hope! But anyways i want to thank him for the inspiration :D
 I hope you all are having a blast out there!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sketching a Story... or History??

Once upon a time, a city.
A city with high buildings painted in many different colours, a city with a tree that was as high as the skyscrapers. In that city there were no cars, everyone arrived or left by air balloon, the sky was always blue, even when it snowed or rained, and the night never came. 
 On the top of the tree lived a whole village of small people, they never came down, they toke care of the tree,  the tree gave the Skyscraper People air, and the Skyscraper People gave the little people food. This was a city in harmonie.
 One day a strange fat man arrived by balloon. He had a high hat, a big moustache and with him e brought two really big leather cases. He called upon the people of the city and told them a sweet story about the capitalist world where he came from, a world where everyone was rich and living the dream, and that he wanted to bring this world to them. Then he told them to open the two leather cases, and inside them was paper - many little pieces of paper that the fat man called money. "With enough of this you can get whatever you want!" he said. But the Skyscraper people and the Little people didn't understand and told him that they were not interested, but that he was welcome to stay as long as he wished, that he could eat their food and refresh himself under the big tree, and then they left. And so did the fat man.

Not many days had passed, when the little people saw in the sky something that was not an air balloon. Hundreds of machines came by air and ground, making the city tremble. On the top of one of those machines was the fat man. He said that he knew about the weapons hidden under the big tree, and that he would not allow terrorism in the world. So he took the Skyscraper People that opposed his as his slaves and with his machines he felled the big tree and killed the little people. Then right away he started digging. Deep he went but no weapons were found. He kept digging for days and then something happened, a jitter of black thick liquid flew into the sky. The fat man and the capitalists all started laughing and for the first time night fell over the city.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hello my dear friends!
I am kind o busy right now, but a love Animal is on the way and so is Clint fucking Eastwood, but more of that later!!

I could not let this date pass without wishing you all a Happy Halloween, so a 30 sec. sketch and a 2 min. blog entry just to tell you that :)

See you soon!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Support Breasts!

Today, the 19th October is the international breast cancer day. People all around the world are supporting the fight against this terrible sickness, and so am I. Unfortunately i know some people that suffered from this disease, some survived some didn't, my thoughts go to all of them. If you can please help against the fight against breast cancer, well not just breast cancer, the fight against cancer is really important. There were an estimated 12.7 million cancer cases worldwide in 2008, the number is expected to rise to 21 million by 2030, we can not let this happen, so go and find out how you can help, and do it!! 

"Support breasts, because in a way or

another we all love them."

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love Birds!!

Dear friends this is going to be a really short post.
 I just want to tell you that i still active and sketching, but lately i have been a little bit busy with school and social life :) But i have started a project that i called "Love Animals", i don't know how i am going to use them or if i even gonna use them, maybe is going to be a kids shirt collection or a Valentines postcard series, maybe nothing at all. But the 2 first are done so i wanted to show them to you, so here they are "The Love Birds".


Friday, October 5, 2012

Behind the masks!!

Why do people hide behind masks? Why do StreetArtists hide behind masks??
 When i was a kid, there where two kind of people that used to hide behind masks, criminals and superheroes. Well street artists ain't no superhero, but are they criminals??
I keep seeing graffiti everywhere saying that "Graffiti is Art, not Crime" well i could not agree more, but then let me tell you something, artists dont hide behind masks, hoodies and scarfs. No one loves street art more than i do, but i don't see the point on hiding, i dont see the point on hiding behind a tag or a mask. And now all of you graffiti lovers will point the finger and say, "that is what graffiti is about, it has always been like that. They think we are criminals and therefore we need to hide." You know what? You might just be right, but i also see it like this: "You hide and so they think you are criminals." Vendettas masks will never change the world, that is just a bunch of kids playing revolution, the real revolutionaries are the ones that show their faces and stand by what they believe, no shame, no fear... 

I you do it cause you think you look cool, then let me break it to you, there is only one and only one that can wear a mask and look cool at the same time, his name is Vader.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sketching Passos Coelho!!

This is for my fellow Portuguese, i am not going to be writing a all story about corruption and bad politicians, i just want to say to all Portugal that it is time to do something.
 Is time to make a exorcism, change is needed, do not only talk about it, do not simply share all kind of messages and pictures on Facebook, it is time to do something for real, we need a revolution and please don't make it with "Cravos" we need a real one this time. The Devil is not a imaginary figure from some religious book, the Devil is right on top of the chain, using and abusing you, but he is not stronger than us, we gave him his strength and we can take it back if we unite.

Fight Portugal!
Fight for a better Future!
And not the less fight for a better Past!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

More Art!

I know the world needs a lot of things.
More Love, less War. 
More Green, less Pollution.
More Humanity, less Capitalism.
More Respect, less Arrogance.
More Forests, less Cities.
More Bikes, less Cars.
More Farms, less Industry.
More Confidence, less Religion.
More Zombie Movies, less Soap Operas.
More Real People, less Reality Shows.
More Music, less Politicians.
And so on... But the world also needs MORE ART!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paintball is here!!

Hello you "war lovers", action freaks, wanna be Rambos, hello firms that are tired of the same get together "Restaurant thing", hello "I have to organize a Bachelor Party to my friend and need inspiration Dude", but most of all HELLO FUN LOVERS! It is official, Funcenter's Paintball Arena is ready and will open September 8th for all of you! 
 The location is perfect, it is in Nørresundby by the old german airport road, in the middle of a lot of factories and  old buildings, you are going to feel that you just jumped into a "Post Apocalyptic" movie. We had trials last weekend and it was a lot of fun, despite the blue marks all over my body of course :D. People were so into it that sometimes i totally missed my reality sense and was looking over my shoulder just to check for "Zombies" he he!!   I can't wait to get over there again and shoot all my friends, family and girlfriend, ( that sounds kind of wrong! ).
 But yeah, if you feel like having a lot of fun for a really reasonable price, get your friends together and go to Funcenter!  


Monday, August 27, 2012

When i was a Kid!!

Tell me my friend, do you remember when you were an artist?
 Do you remember when it was so easy to draw? When we were kids we could draw all that it came to our mind, distant planets, aliens, monsters, cars, happy families, there were no boundaries, no limits, and we all loved to draw in walls back then!  
 Then something happened with our eyes, we stop seeing the world with no boundaries and start watching it like everyone else did. Things had one color and only one, no more the cows would be green nor the sky would be purple, now we would call pink people as "no sense", and  we were artists no more. We stop seeing the fun in creating, and are yelling at our kids "DO NOT PAINT ON THE WALL!"
 It's a wall for folk's sake, a white wall screaming for some art on it!
When i was a kid i loved to paint on walls... I still do!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sketching Funcenter!

For some months now i have been working on Funcenter's new location.
 Funcenter is the perfect place to have a birthday party, a bachelor party, a Firm Party... well you get the idea. With all kind of funny and crazy activities like zebra riding, sumo wrestling, human football, water balls and much more, Funcenter is a place filled with smiles and good humor and i am really happy for geting the chance to make this place even more funny and happy with all kind of characters and a lot of colors. soon the Paintball Arena is going o open to public, and that is what we are working on right now, a lot of montana gold and 94 and we are trashing every little corner that we can get our hands on :D 
Here are some of the already finished sketches on walls and other spots, soon i will come with the rest.
 Have fun!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When did you stop dreaming?

When did you stop dreaming??
When did you stop to go to your magic place? When did you stop crossing the bridge to the floating island, with the little white and bended houses? When was the last time that you had a boat trip, in your little floating boat? When did your world stopped to be illuminated by glowing insects trapped in old lamps that hung from the sky? When did you stop flying? When did your magic blanket stopped to protect you? Why are you not invisible any more when you close your eyes? Why does that rock in your hand look like a rock and not a space ship? When did your world get so grey, so grown up and serious? when did you stop asking yourself all that?  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises!

2012 has been a really kind year for movie lovers!
I have some in my list like: The woman in Black, Chronicle, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Wrath of The Titans, Prometheus, Snow White and The Huntsman (extremely positive surprise) and finally The Amazing Spiderman. Stil to come for vampire lovers the last of The Twilight Saga, and the 2 most expected of all, The Dark night Rises and The Hobbit. 
 But right now everything turns around the last movie of Nolan's trilogy. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are im my opinion the best Batman movies ever made, and i know that many of you would like to discuss that with me, but lets just agree on not agree :D The Dark Knight specially blowed my brains away, and it is one of the few movies that i saw 2 times on theaters, Bale, Freeman, Oldman, Caine and of course Ledger in my opinion (and i say it with all respect to Jack Nicholson), the best joker ever. 
 So i have been waiting for the enclosing for a long time, and now finally next weekend is The Dark Knight Rises premiere, i am excited, happy and at the same time nervous for a desillusion... it is not the first time that i hype a movie so much, and get my expectations so high that it ends with a big disillusion. But i really doubt it this time, this is going to be big and i can't hardly wait!! 
 Here is a little 2Batman FanArt" from MendesSketchbook, hope you guys like it!! 


Monday, July 16, 2012


What are you afraid of?
Tell me are you afraid of not succeeding with your career?
Are you afraid of not making money enough? Not getting the house you dream of? The car? The society's acknowledgment  of you being successful, a good citizen? 
 You know what i am afraid of? 
To end alone!!
Solitude is my biggest fear...
 Do you remember that rubber duck that you once loved, but that you forgot on the beach one day and never saw again?? That is what i am afraid of, of becoming the rubber duck! I don't want to focus on the wrong things, i don't want to focus on money, success and all the rest, i want to to focus on being happy with what i got, with myself as i am and not a society wants me to be, but is not easy!
 I want to keep the people i love close to me, and in that i am failing already, i've got them all spread around the world, making the objective of being with everyone impossible. But i am doing my best to keep them close, they are the most important, the antidote to my fear, friends and family are all. In the end we all come to this conclusion. In the end we all come to the hard truth that money, car, house, career... they are all empty concepts that we invented, the are not essential, but love is.  
I don't want to wake up one day, old and lonely!  I want to have people laughing around me all the time, i want to share the little i have with them, and die with no regrets, probably poor and unknown, but happy!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

You and Your Tattoos!

You are looking at me and my Tattoos, and a lot of things are going through your brain. "Dangerous, Psycho, Criminal, Bad, Ugly, Should be locked away..." Relax mate it's just ink!
 Seriously i am getting pretty tired of your "Pointing Finger", why dont you take a look instead to the skinny anoretic bitch, on Prozac since she was 16, cause that's the only way she can keep herself together, she is fucked up in the head!! Or take a look at the guys that you so respectfully call "Sir" and make little bows to. The ones in black suits making millions on children work, animal abuse and modern slavery, they are the real Criminals. Take a look at the man and women that you choose to sit on the power, look at them preaching for peace but calling for war, making enemies so that they have someone to sell their weapons to, they are really Dangerous. Look at the rich lady beside you wearing real fur, in a century where we are able to produce clothing as warm and good looking with no need to kill any animal, she is so Ugly! Look at you, scared and alarmed because the media washed your brain to make you react like that if you see someone that does not fit in their little box, you should be Locked Away!
 You see, i dont believe this shit about "Being born this way", no way... people change, and that is a lot of things that make people change  for the good and the bad, but Ink ain't one of them!

Ps: Chicks with Tattoos are Hot!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red Pill? Blue Pill?

My name is Morpheus... do not follow the white rabbit, he has rabies :)
But i am here to tell you about this 2 pills i got for you.
Take the blue pill and: 

Welcome to the perfect world.
In this world, there is only good people, everyone haves hundreds of friends, in this world we all love each other! Welcome to the world where everyone is ready to change, the world where everyone is green and thinks about the environment, here everyone helps people in need, and is against classes diference. Welcome to the world, where everyone haves a farm, love animals, fight against cancer and all other kind of deceases, everyone is a designer, a comedian, a artist, a critic, and most important of all everyone knows better than any politician, here are the answers to all the problems, there is no pollution, no suffering, no hunger, welcome to Facebookland!

Now, take the red pill and:

Welcome to the world full of reality!
The world where no one is entirely good, friends are not more than a hand full and that is if you are lucky, here love is more and more an illusion, and everyone would like to change but is to complicated, so we keep on with our miserable life. We think about the environment but that is kind of it, cause we love to much  our confort and luxury to give it up, we would like to save trees and animals, but we need our computers, our iPhones, our paper bags, we need to eat more than necessary, you see and because of all this we have no time to help the ones in need. Now we all would like to stop cancer and all other deceases, but in this world to share a picture or a status is not necessary, and so we still have a lot of people dying of it, Artists, Designers and Comedians are talented people that have been working for long time to earn their titles, so we dont have that many, we suffer, there is pollution and people die of hunger all around the world. Politicians suck like in any world, but still they are necessary and many of them more intelligent than any of us. This is our world, but is the real world.

Now you decide.

-Hello Morpheus.
Fuck off, red pill sucks!  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Josh and "The Bride"

The past year i have been thinking a lot about what my next tattoo should be. I have been sketching here and there, all kind of different motives, but one thing i was sure, it had to be Burton inspired. 
 So some months ago i got some burton elements on a USB. and gave them to Josh, i almost didn't have to explain to him what i wanted, he must have some kind of "Mind Reading Powers" or something like that, cause he knew exactly what i was looking for in this Tattoo.
 A lot of people asked me this question and a lot of you are going to ask yourself the same "Why didn't i draw it myself.?" First of all i normally get tired of my own drawings after a while, and a tattoo lasts longer than that :) and second i wanted Joshua to draw it, my idea... but his piece!

Joshua Bojer Mikkelsen is a young artist, but in my eyes already showing a immense talent and getting ready for kicking some ass on the "Ink Art World". It is almost impossible to understand how can someone tattoo like this only after 3 short years of "Ink Career", great lines, amazing understanding of color use, perfect for Cartoon/Comic Tattoo lovers like myself. And talent is not the only thing Josh is filled with, in the many and painful hours we spend together, we had like the most crazy, stupid, but also most deep conversations, nothing better to forget the painful needle than a good "Pocket Philosophy Discussion" :)

I was going to say that i hope to see a lot of his work in the future, but i am going to rephrase myself, "I know i am going to see a lot of Josh work in the future, hopefully some of it on me. This kid is going for the top i know it, and i am happy to have a "Joshua Mikkelsen's Oeuvre d'Art " on my arm, it's like having a Picasso before Picasso was Picasso. ;)
To him i would like to give my thanks for the amazing tattoo, and the many cozy hours of "painful conversation", and to you i want to show a pic of this work of art, and to tell you "GET SOME INK".

Oh by the way you can find Josh at Black Cat Ink in Aalborg, and soon in his own webpage

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Rhino and the Bird!

Once upon a time, a rhino called Bruce that was best friends with  a little bird called Boyle. Bruce and Boyle knew each other for ages, Boyle use to eat all the ticks on Bruce's back, and so that way the rhino was free of the little bloodsuckers and the bird had a meal everyday. One day while in the heat of the savanna Bruce said:
 (Please imagine a really  deep and kind of dumb voice :D )
" Hey Boyle, you are a bird right?"
" Ahhh... Yeah, what kind of question is that?"
"Well you know i was thinking, birds are pretty good at singing, aren't you??"
"Well, almost all of us. There is the crows and ravens with their Heavy Metal bullshit, and the chickens with their hip hop, and the peacocks with their "Pop shit look at me i look good, i don't need to be a good singer"... but in general yes, we are pretty good at singing." - said the little bird.
"Well..."- said the rhino,  "I would like to show you something. You see i always had the dream of becoming a singer, and my mother always said that i was an amazing singer, but i would like to hear your opinion."
Not knowing what to say, Boyle just said, "Ok! Go ahead!"
And so the rhino start to sing, if you can call that singing! It sounded like... wel there is no description. All the bird's feathers were up, he felt like his ears were going to explode, but still he faked a little smile, like he was hearing something incredible pleasant. He did not know why he was doing it, why he was lying, Bruce was his best friend, it should be possible for him to be honest and tell him that he sucked at singing! But he didn't, he lied, and when bruce was done the bird just said... "Wow, that was incredible! Man you are amazing!" it was a lie, but it was a lie so not to hurt hes friends feelings. 
And then everything happens to fast, the rhino was running towards the t.v. show "Jungle Idols" and before the bird could say something, Bruce was standing there, in front of a thousand animals and the Jury. The Jury was a Lion a Elephant and a Panther...a black one... in this shows there is alway political correct to have a female as jury, and black if possible. 
 And when Bruce started to sing for them everyone was laughing and buh him, and the judges were like "Dude you suck!" and "You should try the Cirkus!" and he could not take it any more, and he was crying, and running, running like a train trough the jungle, and then he saw a cliff, and then he jumped, and then... and then he was falling.
Falling into the dark!
Falling into nothingness!

Moral of the story: Rhinos can't fly.

Note: This story is totally fiction, there is no t.v. show like "Jungle Idols" watched by thousands of animals, and of course there is no bad friends as the bird, that would lie to his best friend and let him expose himself like that. This is totally FICTION!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am still here!!

Do not think me gone my friends, i am still here, just been a little bit busy :D

I got a suitcase filles with gold and i am playing at "Pimp Funcenter new Home", i am posting some teaser pics today, but i hope that next week i'll be able to come with a blog entry about Funcenter and what Mendes Sketchbook is doing out there!! 
 Have fun everyone, and enjoy the summer, the ones that have a summer!!